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"Wonderful, Wonderful Idea"

Roseanne W.

"I attended PetAPalooza at the Norwich location.  I can't being to tell you what a wonderful, wonderful idea this is.  Everyone feels strongly about a certain issue.  Aside from the obvious like a cure for cancer, incurable diseases, etc. my passion is the welfare of animals.  To bring animals looking for a home to people is a concept that I'm sure will grow.  Please forward this to Jay Curtis and tell him and his wife, Kendra, they have started a tradition that I hope will be followed for years to come.  I can't think of a better idea.  Thank you once again."

"We Adopted Out So Many Cats and Dogs"


Lisa N.

"I was there at the Ballston Spa PetAPalooza with Waggin Tails Pet Rescue.  We adopted out so many cats and dogs.  It was a wonderful event.  Last time it was held, I was there as well and the event was a great success too.  Thank you so much Curtis Lumber and Steve Caporizzo.  Awesome Job."

"28 Pets Adopted Out - Amazing!"


Jeanne L.

"I just wanted to send a note of thanks to everyone at Curtis Lumber. I am a volunteer for B.O.N.E.S, which is a 5013c non profit, where we rescue beagles in the New England area. I had the pleasure of attending the PetAPalooza this past weekend at the Burlington, Vermont location. First of all I have to tell you your employees were all very helpful, extremely pleasant and well organized. I truly was touched by all the help and support they offered. They wanted us to have everything we needed for a successful day and they made sure we had it. The day was a little warm, but we had lots of folks stop by our booth to see what we were all about. We did not have any adoptable dogs with us, as our Vermont foster home had just adopted out their dog to a wonderful home. The good news at the end of the day Lori told me it looked like they had 28 pets adopted out for all the rescues attending that day. That is amazing!! Thank you so much for giving all the rescues the opportunity to spend a day with the community at your locations. I hope the other store locations were just as successful.  Thanks so much again for this wonderful opportunity."

"Thank You, Thank You, Thank You"


Mr. Peeps New Mom

"Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I was able to adopt a cat because you cared. I live on a very fixed income and my last cat had died in Jan. but I knew I could not afford to even adopt a pet because of the cost. Thanks to you and your generous offer I now own a very old but loving cat named Mr. Peeps. Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU."

"A Win/Win Situation Indeed"


Margie O.

"On behalf of all the animals you helped today at PetAPalooza, a very special Thank You to your family and employees. What wonderful people you are to hold such an event. Many animals now have homes where yesterday they did not. The flip side of that also means that rescuers now have room to help and assist other animals in need. A win/win situation indeed. Thank you for all you do and for having such compassion for God's other creatures. You have truly earned your wings and halo in the eyes of all of us that love the animals. God Bless you and your family". 

"We Adopted A Wonderful Dog"


Kim A.

"We adopted a wonderful dog through Capital District Humane Association and are so grateful to them and to Steve Caporizzo and The WTEN Pet Connection!  PetAPalooza was a great event!  We were at the Ballston Spa Curtis Lumber, and were amazed at the huge turnout.  Hope other adopters are as happy as we are!"

"Pulling For A Brighter Day"


Ron McEckron,
President - Tundra Spirits Siberian Husky Rescue

"A special thank-you from the past, present and future Tundra Rescue Sibes for that extra "tug" you gave our team while "pulling for a brighter day!" 

"I've Been Given A Chance"


Lucky, Past Shelter Dog

"Dear Jay, its me Lucky, the dog who finally got adopted after 5 years at Estherville Animal Shelter. I’m so glad they never gave up on me because I now have a wonderful owner. A special thanks to you for hosting the PetAPalooza.  Because of your generosity and kindness, I’ve been given a chance to start a new life. Please thank all those wonderful Curtis Lumber volunteers for making me so happy!" 

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