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Veterinarians, Groomers, Trainers, Pet Sitters and More!

Dog paws with a spot in the form of hear

15 Years of Wagging, Wiggling and Winning at Pet Adoption!

Throughout Curtis Lumber's 130+ years in business, Curtis has accumulated a number of traditions and rituals intertwined within its own culture.  Amongst the yearly BBQ's and annual trade shows, a new tradition has been digging its way to the top charity spot for the 15th year running:  Curtis Lumber's annual PetAPalooza Pet Adoption event.  

Owners Jay and Kendra Curtis started PetAPalooza in hopes to shed light on adopting shelter pets in need of a home.  Taking in abuse cases of their own, the Curtis' have used the company's name to help get word out to the public to not only adopt shelter pets, but to also have pets spayed or neutered to avoid unwanted strays.

A Day Out Of The Kennels To Mix, Mingle, Sniff, Purr and Find A Forever Home.

PetAPalooza is an event where the company invites shelter and rescue groups to come to a select number of Curtis Lumber's 23 locations and bring animals to these locations to get adopted.  "Our event is held in a super fun, relaxed, and informal setting.  It gets the shelter/rescue pets out of the shelters and their cages and into the sun for the day to interact with potential adopters.  Folks come and see if there is a dog or cat they are interested in and many people bring their own animals to see if they are compatible" says Curtis Lumber Marketing and Event Coordinator, Jennifer Stickney.

Dog and his Vet

The special day also includes the opportunity for people to meet local pet sitters, groomers, dog walkers and even local veterinarians to ensure the best care for their pets.  Many adoption rates are lowered for the day as well as some pets being adopted out for free.  Hundreds of animals from over 100+ shelters and rescue groups are available including cats, dogs, rabbits, birds, horses, reptiles and more!  Each year hundreds of animals find new forever homes thanks to Curtis Lumber's PetAPalooza!

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