Our normal in-person PetAPalooza pet adoption events will be taking place at a Curtis Lumber retail store location near you as soon as the COVID regulations have been lifted.  In the mean time, you can adopt VIRTUALLY on this site!


About The Event

For the past 11 years, animal shelters and rescue groups in the Upstate, NY and VT area head over to their local Curtis Lumber retail store location to participate in Curtis Lumber's PetAPalooza Pet Adoption Day!  Because of COVID, we are no longer allowed to hold in-person events at our stores until the COVID restrictions have been lifted. 


In the mean-time, you can browse and adopt animals from the safety and comfort of your own home via our web site.  We are hoping to continue PetAPalooza at our store locations soon.  In the mean-time, gather your family, find a comfy chair and start browsing for your new furry friend here! 

Event Details

Little brown mixed breed dog isolated on

Event Locations

We've Gone Virtual!

Browse and adopt from the comfort and safety of your home.  Adoption applications and shelter/rescue contact names and numbers are provided.




Adopt Affordably!
Some animal shelters and rescue groups in attendance are reducing their adoption fees for PetAPalooza and adoption fees will vary from each shelter or rescue group.  


It's Hip to Micro Chip!
Sorry!  This year's event will not feature Micro-Chipping Clinics.

Stay-Tuned for next year's event!

In the meantime, read below why Micro-Chipping your pet

is so important!

Event Testimonials

"Given A New Chance"

Dear Jay, Its me Lucky, the dog who finally got adopted after 5 years at Estherville Animal Shelter. I’m so glad they never gave up on me because I now have a wonderful owner. A special thanks to you for hosting the Pet-A-Palooza because of your generosity and kindness, I’ve been given a chance to start a new life. Please thank all those wonderful Curtis Lumber volunteers for making me so happy!" 


"Thank You"

Just wanted to say THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU. I was able to adopt a cat because you cared. I live on a very fixed income and my last cat had died in Jan. but I knew I could not afford to even adopt a pet because of the cost. Thanks to you and your generous offer I now own a very old but loving cat named Mr. Peeps. Once again, THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU." 

Mr. Peeps New Mom

"A Win-Win"

On behalf of all the animals you helped today at Petapalooza, a very special Thank You to your family and employees.  Many animals now have homes where yesterday they did not. The flip side of that also means that rescuers now have room to help and assist other animals in need. A win/win situation indeed. Thank you for all you do and for having such compassion for God's other creatures. 

Margie O.


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